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We have the most extensive goat milk infant formula research in the world. Our research enabled goat milk infant formula to be recognized by EFSA as a safe formula alternative. We believe in natural goodness and use whole milk so our formulas are less processed.
Principal Scientist

Dr. Liz Carpenter

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My Family have been farming here over 80 years. It’s important to produce quality goats milk because we know we are feeding babies around the world.

Justin Nelson

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We have the most unique production system for making milk formula powder – less processed from using whole milk, which is closer to natural source and retains more natural nutrients in goat milk beneficial to all kinds of babies.

GM, Manufacturing

Ipu Hapi

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I have first-hand experience in parenting unsettled babies and I know what a big improvement using our formulas can make to a child’s and parents well-being. This gives me a real sense of purpose in my role.
Manufacturing Factory Leader

Andrew Chadwick

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We are the global leader in goat milk infant formula research. What makes goat’s milk more suitable for making infant formula compared to cow’s milk, is goat milk casein proteins are more easily digested.
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Colin Prosser

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We treat our goats as part of our family. I believe happy goats produce the most nutritionally rich milk.

Tom Bentham

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We are the leader of global goat milk formula powder over 30 years, dedicated to providing highest quality products for infants and children worldwide.
Chief Executive Officer

David Hemara

We position ourselves as a guardian of children’s health and aim to become an expert of kids’ nutrition. What we always bear in mind is to take care of every baby, just like we care for our own.
President & Chief Executive Officer

Calvin Tsai​

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As a scientist I like fact-finding and problem-solving. I work to maintain our compliance with regulations and standards, so we can be sure that we’re doing everything we need to in order to provide our customers the best product we can make. It’s very rewarding to know that I was able to contribute to making a high-quality product.
Quality Technical Officer

Jessica Bromell

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We take pride in our farm and raise happy healthy goats. We want to produce the best high quality goats milk we can, benefiting babies all around the world.

Howard Tiddy

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Dairy Goat Co-operative is the manufacturer and co-owner of the Karihome goat milk brand. We sell goat milk products to over 30 markets in the world.
GM, Customers

Antony Smith

We have been utilizing studies conducted by internationally renowned medical and infant experts to develop and continuously improve products that are suitable for infants and toddlers in the Asia-Pacific.
Head of Business Development

Thomas Kuo​

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Brand Karihome Story Karihome believes that breast milk is the best for babies. We are devoted to providing natural and nutritious quality goat milk products, including formula for moms & …

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From New Zealand Farms

New Zealand is the kingdom of best quality dairy products. It is known for its balmy weather – the summer is warm, moist and sunny, and the winter is pleasant. Waikato region, where Karihome originates from, has its longest river in New Zealand. With this nourishing environment, pasture thrives and our goats are particularly well bred, producing rich nutritious milk.

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Our Market

Karihome believes that breast milk is the best for babies. We are devoted to providing natural and nutritious quality goat milk products, including formula for moms & babies, to enhance mothers’ unconditional love for her little ones.​

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