From New Zealand Farms

From New Zealand Farms

New Zealand is the kingdom of best quality dairy products. It is known for its balmy weather – the summer is warm, moist and sunny, and the winter is pleasant. Waikato region, where Karihome originates from, has its longest river in New Zealand. With this nourishing environment, pasture thrives and our goats are particularly well bred, producing rich nutritious milk.

At our farms in Waikato, the farm owners take good care of our goats, providing them best environment possible and following strict New Zealand and DGC code of farm practice and welfare. Besides the passion and sense of responsibility of providing best quality goat’s milk, the farmers also have small labs and technical proficiency at the farms to conduct tests at any time to maintain milk quality. All goats are monitored, making sure each of them is well taken care of and its milk quality is in its best condition.

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Animal Welfare and Health

New Zealand has a strict Code of Welfare for Goats. It specifies what is considered to be optimal animal welfare and how this may be achieved for goats farmed under New Zealand conditions.

DGC also has its own Code of Farm Practice which has expectations over and above the minimum requirements from the NZ government. The code is used to set world class benchmarks for milk harvesting, animal welfare, environmental issues, farm dairy presentation and milk quality consistent with infant formula products. It encourages best farming practices for production of goat milk that is fit for the purpose of producing high quality and safe infant formula.

Karihome sources only from these farms that follows both New Zealand Code of Welfare and DGC’s Code of Farm Practice.

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Nutritious by Nature

Unlike cows, goats have the same secretion method as humans – Apocrine secretion. More bioactives are secreted with goat milk, such as Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Polyamine, and Free Amino Acids.

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