Gently Made Formula

Derived from the belief that breast milk is the best because of its natural and comprehensive nutritional value, we insists on gentle production, the goat milk we use to produce our formulas is unskimmed and less processed, retaining more natural nutrition.

From New Zealand Farms

New Zealand is the kingdom of best quality dairy products. It is known for its balmy weather – the summer is warm, moist and sunny, and the winter is pleasant. Waikato region, where Karihome originates from, has its longest river in New Zealand. With this nourishing environment, pasture thrives and our goats are particularly well bred, producing rich nutritious milk.

An Ideal Alternative

There are several lines of evidence that the strength and type of the immune response to goat and cow milk might differ. For example, children allergic to cow milk required nearly five times more goat milk to trigger an adverse reaction.