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We have the most extensive goat milk infant formula research in the world. Our research enabled goat milk infant formula to be recognized by EFSA as a safe formula alternative. We believe in natural goodness and use whole milk so our formulas are less processed.
Principal Scientist

Dr. Liz Carpenter

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My Family have been farming here over 80 years. It’s important to produce quality goats milk because we know we are feeding babies around the world.

Justin Nelson

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We have the most unique production system for making milk formula powder – less processed from using whole milk, which is closer to natural source and retains more natural nutrients in goat milk beneficial to all kinds of babies.

GM, Manufacturing

Ipu Hapi

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I have first-hand experience in parenting unsettled babies and I know what a big improvement using our formulas can make to a child’s and parents well-being. This gives me a real sense of purpose in my role.
Manufacturing Factory Leader

Andrew Chadwick

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